The Chairman of the Fresno County Republican Party, Fred Vanderhoof, said today that Fresno State University should immediately begin the process to fire Randa Jarrar.

“It is outrageous that a teacher who serves in a position of responsibility and influence would make such hate-filled, irrational and obscene comments about the death of former First Lady, Barbara Bush,” Vanderhoof said.

He added that the larger question that is being asked by parents and students is, “Why are we paying our hard earned dollars for higher education at FSU when we have professors like this who spew leftwing hate speech?”

This incident is an embarrassment to Fresno State University as well as the city of Fresno and the Central Valley, he said.

“Removing this professor would restore the credibility of our state university to the students, parents, donors and residents of our community,” said Vanderhoof.