FRESNO, CA –This past Monday, the United States Senate rejected the ‘Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act’ bill which would have guaranteed medical care to babies who survive an abortion and are born alive. All No votes were cast by Democrats including all 2020 Democrat Presidential candidates as well as Independent Bernie Sanders. Never in American history has a major political party voted to support infanticide – the killing of babies who are born alive.

Fresno County Republican Party Chairman, Fred Vanderhoof, stated that, “This is a shocking travesty, abortion is horrendous, and now the next barbaric step, refusing to care for a newborn once it survives an abortion, is unthinkable. The value of life transcends politics and is the foundation of our great Nation which supports the sacredness of human life. The Fresno County Republican Party reaffirms its commitment to the dignity and worth of the weakest members of our society.”

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