We offer great opportunities and internships to students currently in High School or College. Our internship program offers a robust and in-depth experience of campaigns and political operations. For more information, contact Matthew Gee at (805) 350-9393


"I feel I have learned a lot after working together with others in the campaign office. I understood the meaning of being a team and helping one another. Even by just showing up, making a call, or knocking the door on a house, we were able to make a difference for the elections. The feeling of being a part of something big like this, and knowing those working with you or fighting for the same things was truly memorable. I got to meet so many new people, learn how to work certain websites, and lend a hand with door knocking. I truly enjoyed this experience and would do it again in a heartbeat, as it was very inspiring for me."

- Arianna Jahromi

"Being able to intern and spend time with other people your age and collectively help a candidate make a run for a seat or help a candidate keep their seat is unmatched to any other. I thoroughly wish if you are interested in the Republican Party you should inquire with us to find a way to help out at the Headquarters or in your own community."

- Gavin Bleha

(Pictured with Congressman Devin Nunes)

2021 Summer Internship

The Fresno County Republican Party is pleased to announce the Summer Internship Program. This program is aimed for individuals between the age of 16 and 22. However, all are welcomed to apply.