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Senator Shannon Grove needs your support to expand oil production in California and protect our state’s energy security. Her bill SB 15 will express the intent of the Legislature to prohibit the import of crude oil into California if the source of the oil is a foreign nation with demonstrated human rights abuses, or a foreign nation with environmental standards that are lower than those in California. It makes no sense to send $25 billion a year to foreign countries that do not share our values when that oil production can be done in California. 


The bill has been sent to the Senate Environmental Quality Committee and will be heard on March 29, 2023. The committee has moved up the deadline for submitting letters of support to Wednesday, March 22 by 5:00 pm. Please submit your letters of support directly through the online portal at


Attached is a draft letter, although just a few sentences in support would also be fine. If you can’t make the Wednesday deadline, please submit when you are able to. The bill has been referred to a second committee and will be heard there in April.


Please feel free to share this email and request with your friends in the industry. And, please let our team know if you have any questions, or if there is anything we can help clarify. Thank you again for your help.


Deadline: Due Friday, March 25 before 5 PM.

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