“Most Corrupt Election in Modern Times” – Newt Gingrich


Recent allegations of extensive voter fraud throughout our country cannot be ignored.  These allegations, the most serious in our lifetime, have led to deep distrust of our election process. In fact, most Republican voters as well as significant percentages of Democrat and Independent voters, believe there has been deliberate voter fraud.

The recent collusion between Democrats, big tech, and the media, will ensure that the Democrats will win all future races – if the Steal is not stopped now.

Make your voices heard by calling U.S. Senators and Congressmen today and tomorrow.  Ask them to challenge the fraudulent election.  Democrat members of Congress objected to the Presidential election results in 1969, 2002, 2005, and 2017 and Republican elected officials should exercise their constitutional right to challenge this current election.

You can call Senators and Congressmen in our state and in other states to register your opinion:

  • House of Representatives (202) 225-3121
  • Senate (202) 224-3121

We must make our voices heard!

Thank you,

Fred Vanderhoof, Chairman

Fresno County Republican Party